Split DNS done right using opnsense

I can’t get over how simple and powerful my OPNsense router is. It’s almost as easy to setup as any consumer router as long as you know to leave stuff alone that you don’t understand. I recently setup OPNsense on a Protectli VP420 and I’ve been real happy with it. Running a home lab with … Read more

Automatically backup your opnsense router to a Synology NAS via SFTP

I recently setup an opnsense router to handle network traffic for my home lab. There’s a lot of configuration done at opnsense in terms of interfaces, IP reservations, unbound DNS, firewall settings, VPN, security certificates, and more. Aside from some manual backup options, how can all this configuration be preserved if the hardware fails? Well, … Read more

How to limit the possible damage done by docker container malware

For all the docker users out there, I thought I’d share a couple points about managing docker containers on your home server. These are important security issues that get commonly missed. The simple examples you see on the internet for installing docker containers won’t usually mention these things. But they might save your whole system … Read more