The face detection in Synology Photos is too cool!

I started out with just thousands of picture files when I loaded it all into Synology Photos. I’ve been playing with what it can do for a while, but initially missed the face detection when I setup my account and just turned that on this morning.

Turn on and now you get a People folder

Initially my login showed a new People folder to me with nothing in it. The server worked on indexing my thousands of images for at least an hour or so. Then I came back and now, when I view the people folder I see lots of sub-folders, one for each person the package thinks are the same individual. In each case I see a sample picture of the person. But instead of a person’s name, I see “who’s this?”.

Fill in the person’s name, and hit enter. Repeat with each one. In a few cases I would come to somebody that I’ve already identified, but the software apparently thinks these are two different people. In that case I just type the same name again (auto-completed for me) and I’ll be prompted to merge the two into one.

I’ve also seen where I can remove people from a folder if they’ve been wrongly recognized, but I’ve yet to witness that. What I’m on the lookout for, is a way for me to identify somebody that was not recognized at all, and say who they are. That may be missing feature? Or I’m too much of a newbie.

Even though some people don’t get recognized, it’s often very surprising who it does recognize. Like people in the background of the image. It also appears to me that it correlates separate images, combining clues from each. For example I have a case where it recognizes an image of my nephew. Then in another picture that it also recognizes of him (taken on the same day at the same gathering), there’s a clear shot of his body but he’s looking at the floor and instead of his face, the picture just shows the top his head. When I look at the pictures I know who it is because of what he’s wearing.

Now when I wish I could find some pictures of ??? I can do that. And with the NAS just sitting here anyway, this comes at no extra cost 🙂

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