Synology Photos is a serious contender for Google Photos

If you have a Synology NAS then you can have pretty much everything that Google Photos has, with none of the (no longer free) cost. You also don’t have to give your photos and videos away to google or anybody else that you don’t want to. At the same time, you can share select photos with the public or with specific other Photos users. You can make collections of photos be password protected, and you can make links that expire at a future time. It’s also possible to send view-only (no download) links in case you don’t want to give away all the EXIF data (also administrators can optionally share the data but filter the GPS location from it).

All of this is free by just installing the new Photos package on your NAS. This package is available in the DSM 7.0 version just released this year. Synology has merged the Photo Station and Moments applications into this one platform for managing personal photos and videos. Users can manage photos with a web interface or with smartphone apps for IOS or Android phones. The app will optionally backup all of your photos to your NAS.

To be fair, I shouldn’t imply that Google Photos does not have some unique features because it does. I won’t dwell on the details though. Watch the review below for the full story.

In depth review of Synology Photos

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