Backup all your workstations without duplicating data

This is just a little testament to the power of using Active Backup for Business on your NAS for backing up multiple workstations in your home or office. Aside from the many good features in this product, it does a great job of saving disk space by eliminating duplicate data blocks not only from a single PC, but across the board all for all your workstations. The space savings and easy remote administration tools really exploit the value of a centralized backup.

If you think about it, for every PC you add to your backup destination, you’re probably backing up yet another copy of the Windows 10 operating system. So many thousands of duplicate files. With Active Backup for Business, the program applies deduplication techniques by exploiting the power of the BTRFS file system.

The deduplication opportunities are even higher when you think about a small business sharing many of the same files on each workstation and maybe synchronizing many of the files. In my case I have only three PCs backed up. Considering their combined footprints and the fact that I’m retaining some old backups, this comes to a total of 2.7 TB of data. By eliminating the duplicate data, Active Backup for Business manages to store this 2.7 TB, using only 1 TB of disk space.

Considering the cost of hard disk space (including multiple disks in a raid array) that’s saving real money!

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