Finally back on my bicycle!

You couldn’t tell it from following my posts here, but back in March I broke my leg bad. My tibia has five nails in it now. I’ve been slowly getting back on my feet and walking for about six months now.

That’s why I haven’t been posting here much especially about riding bicycles. I’ve been pretty busy including a lot of physical therapy. As of this week, I’m finally back on the bicycle and loving it! When I started my physical therapy I couldn’t send my feet around even one revolution of the pedals. It’s been slow going recovering my range of motion. Where I am today is a real delight!

At this point every ride is a little painful till I get used to spinning my pedals and bending that bad knee, but the pain subsides more and more if I warm up slowly. Having an e-bike definitely helps manage my effort. I took my first ride a few days ago. Ironically, it’s done nothing but rain every day since. But I did ride yesterday afternoon. Initially I was again staying right close by in the neighborhood. I’m building up my confidence slowly – I want to make sure I’ll save myself with my healing leg if I need to. But after riding around the block a few times I went into some adjacent areas including taking a nice ride thru Dearborn Park. When I got home I saw I’d been six miles!

My abilities and endurance will suffer for a while. The doctor says it may be another year before I’m able to run again. But it’s so nice to be back on the bicycle! I can again make this an important part of nearly every day. And I can tell it will naturally just get easier. 🙂

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