The Westside Beltline Connector is (mostly) Open

Downtown Atlanta just took a major step forward in bike-ability now that at least much of the planned westside beltline connector is open to the public. Yesterday I road on the trail and took some pictures you can see below. This is a really sweet trail going thru such a busy part of the city and gliding its travelers over and under the motor traffic, on new and old bridges, and only occasional road crossings on pretty quiet roads.

Starting at the northern most point near the soon-to-open Westside Reservoir Park, I’m getting on the trail at the first opportunity and heading south.

The end-points of what’s open today

To get to the northern-most point you can access today to where the railroad tracks cross Law Street below.

The southern most access point for what’s open today is shown below where the rail crosses Joseph E. Boone Blvd, just west of Luckie Street.

More about this trail on the Path Foundation Website.

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