Found a easy install for network speed testing my NAS

Testing your network for speed stats like bandwidth and latency seems pretty basic. Getting that for my Synology NAS has been less than easy though because Synology surprisingly does not yet have an application for that. Yes you can put a device next to the NAS and make some assumptions about what the NAS sees. But that totally ignores the network hardware and device driver processing etc. on the NAS and instead substitutes that of whatever device you test on.

I did a fresh search this morning though and landed on this video that shows a pretty simple way to set this up using an Open Speed Test web server installed on the NAS via the Docker container. I already have Docker setup so just followed the steps to download the latest open speed test image and set it up in just a few clicks like shown in the video, using local port 3000. So I can launch http://<myip>:3000, click the button to start the test and that’s it.

The speed I’m actually testing like this is the line speed from my web browser to the nas where the docker container is running. So that might be on my lan with a wired connection, on the wifi, or remotely over the internet.

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