My Synology router is so much more than I imagined!

This past summer I revamped my local area network, putting my own router between my devices and the internet. I used to connect devices directly (by wire or wifi) to my ISP modem (AT&T). To improve security, I decided to buy this Synology RT-2600ac router. This allows me to funnel all internet traffic (really all traffic period) thru a device with a lot more advanced firewall and security than my ISP provides. And not to mention, if I were to move or change ISPs, all the configuration of my network moves with me rather than be owned by devices I simply lease from the ISP.

I’ve learned the hard way that if you have a lot of devices going thru a wifi that’s hosted by your ISP, be ready for a lot of setup work when you change ISPs or move etc.

The Synology router gave me the security I was looking for, and a lot of features I’ve learned to appreciate as a value-added bonus.

One of the bonus-features is all the traffic monitoring and control. This tells me a lot that I wouldn’t easily know otherwise and has educated me a few times about network activity by my own devices that surprises me.

There are TONs of controls hidden in the U/I if you just explore and click on stuff. See above just one screenshot where I can see what all the devices on my lan have done over the last 24 hours (computer, phone, ipad, roku, chromecast, ?). You can also look at live traffic, see a list of all the internet domains accessed (including local domains like your own website). If you’re a parent and you want to monitor or limit your child’s internet activity, they’ve got you covered there. And a lot more…

Other great features include…

  • Advanced firewall opening inbound or outbound ports globally, by device, protocol, block within lan vs. over the internet, etc.
  • Traffic monitoring and metering by device.
  • Rich reporting in so many areas and with a very good U/I. For example a map of the globe that highlights countries based on the volume of traffic send or received from there.
  • Optional security heuristics beyond just firewall, that blocks traffic using a rules-database applied by their Threat Prevention app.

Very feature-rich device!

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