Improved image compression on my site

I’ve noticed a problem in the way I manage my media library – if I don’t go out of my way to compress images to a reasonable quality level for speedy delivery, nothing in the path of execution does it for me and the images download slowly because they’re too big.

I could use photoshop etc. to compress images but I don’t want stuff slowing me down. I’m playing around now with the plugin and this is looking like something good for my purposes.

To start off I bulk-compressed my images using the default 92%-quality setting. This reduced my image sizes by just 6%. It’s nice though that the plugin saves backups of your original images. So you can keep playing with settings without compromising your original images at any time.

I played with the settings and got these results…

  • default setting 92% quality gave 6% reduction in file size.
  • setting of 50% gave 47% size reduction
  • setting of 25% gave 65% size reduction (noticeable degradation)
  • setting of 10% gave 82% size reduction (a little crappy but quite legible)
  • setting of 3% gave 94% size reduction (a very pixelated image but you can certainly tell what it is)

I tentatively set quality at 50% which seems like crappy images but if so I can’t appreciate it 🙂

Edit: I looked at this on some more images and bumped up the quality to 75%.

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