Arabia Mountain Ride

I love making this ride to Arabia Mountain on my bicycle. It was a crisp fall morning. Almost cold! That puts energy in my legs. Soon I make my way down behind Martin Luther High School close to Panola Mountain. This is the start of about 15 miles of really pretty and varied geology that can be quietly enjoyed from a bicycle – what a gift!

Behind Martin Luther King High School

The trail goes beside Panola Mountain State Park and then on to Arabia Mountain and beyond. Most of the trail meanders through the woods not even in eyesight of a road. It’s mostly pretty level. There’s some moderate climbing in only a couple spots up at Arabia.

I especially love all the nature and moving water on this ride.

I did come up on what almost blocked the trail but not quite 🙂

Lot’s of good hiking trails to various destinations all around.

After playing around at Arabia I continued the trail west.

The trail ends at Lithonia. There are good biking roads around though and Lithonia has a nice downtown with places to eat etc.

From Lithonia it’s a pretty decent ride on roads about 25 miles home 🙂

Interactive Map – Panola Mountain to Lithonia by way of Arabia Mountain

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