Postal Pond Looks like a Mirror

Look at the picture of Postal Pond (above). It’s hard to tell where the water edge starts. The bottom half of the picture is the pond. The reflection is so crisp and still the camera can hardly tell. What a nice morning dew on everything. The weather couldn’t be better lately. There’s a big field … Read more

Fixed wordpress file system permissions

I’ve had a problem in the past where I would get error messages from wordpress when attempting to install plugins because it did not have the file system permissions it needed. I ended up setting the wp-content directory access to 777 temporarily and then reverting to 755 when done (allow read/execute only). There should be … Read more

Improved image compression on my site

I’ve noticed a problem in the way I manage my media library – if I don’t go out of my way to compress images to a reasonable quality level for speedy delivery, nothing in the path of execution does it for me and the images download slowly because they’re too big. I could use photoshop … Read more

Arabia Mountain Ride

I love making this ride to Arabia Mountain on my bicycle. It was a crisp fall morning. Almost cold! That puts energy in my legs. Soon I make my way down behind Martin Luther High School close to Panola Mountain. This is the start of about 15 miles of really pretty and varied geology that … Read more