Southside Beltline Trail

The Southside Beltline Trail has been partially open for more than a year at least. While the trail remains incomplete and unpaved, the trail already stands out as a unique tour thru backyards, industry, open fields and greenspaces, all in the heart of southside Atlanta and downtown.

Endpoints of the Southside part of the beltline

Yesterday I rode on the trail picking it up on Glenwood at the official start (890 Glenwood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316).

Riding Across South Atlanta

The trail is built on an old railroad bed and winds thru neighborhoods, industrial areas, alongside city parks – a view of Atlanta like none other.

Some of it is backyards…

Some of it feels like a walk in the country…

Long stretches of peaceful tour

Road crossings are virtually non-existent. I only remember one. For the most part it is bicycling luxury where it would appear city planners are willing to do anything to keep you from having to cross freeways etc. 🙂 Of course it helps that their grandfathers did the hard part of this for the sake of the railroad.

Multiple underpasses and overpasses avoid crossing freeways or other roads

There’s something almost romantic to me about old railroad tunnels.

After riding the whole thing take note on the west-end where there are lots of eating and drinking places open for business right on the beltline trail.


Do be aware at the time of this writing there’s a 1/2 mile section on the west end that’s closed at Metropolitan Parkway. Going around it is pretty simple following this detour.

Official Website

Go to the official web page for the trail here.

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