It is now cheaper to go to space than to make a movie about it.

historically the way to make a small fortune in space is to start out with a big one”

Not so much now as time marches on. It’s not cheap but it is way more accessible than ever before. I’m excited 🙂

2 thoughts on “It is now cheaper to go to space than to make a movie about it.”

  1. It has really changed dramatically just over the last decade or so. Today, it would be hard to imagine life without GPS. Soon, Musk’s SpaceX Starlink project (and further down the road Amazon’s Project Kuiper) will be the way we hook up to internet, making it someday hard to imagine a landscape that was full of cell towers and telephone poles with copper and fiber hanging on them.
    It will be interesting to watch as the price point moves down and society continually become more dependent on space. Perhaps soon we can use space to dispose of the truly hazardous waste, like that stored underground in Nevada.

    • Good points. The world is changing fast huh? But as to basing all internet on these satellites, I don’t want to give up my fiber and the low-latency. Even low earth satellite will never get that fast due to the speed of light.


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