Southside Beltline Trail

The Southside Beltline Trail has been partially open for more than a year at least. While the trail remains incomplete and unpaved, the trail already stands out as a unique tour thru backyards, industry, open fields and greenspaces, all in the heart of southside Atlanta and downtown. Yesterday I rode on the trail picking it … Read more

Westside park is coming along

I took a bicycle ride up Proctor Creek Trail today, and visited the huge (280 acres in size) and nearly complete Westside Park. Workers are still paving some trails etc. but most of it is done. The quarry continues to slowly fill from the feed established with the Chattahoochee earlier this year. The park promises … Read more

My site can send email now :-)

I installed the WP Mail SMTP plugin and got my API key setup. Then it worked on the first try. First I got email at my primary account but then also sent one to a gmail account I have on the side. Congrats, test email was sent successfully! Thank you for trying out WP Mail … Read more

Aggregating All News

I setup the WP RSS Aggregator plugin and can show feeds of interest here like that. But I want to go further there and create ONE feed that aggregates ALL topics of interest while ALSO filtering the content to less than every item in the feed. The WP aggregator will do that but only for … Read more

Adding RSS Feed

Playing with the WP RSS Aggregator plugin I may have added my first RSS feed. Trying this shortcode to display slashdot news…. [wp-rss-aggregator feeds=”slashdot”]

Climbing from under a rock

After a rough start this server finally has a public static IP with registered security certificates etc. What a learning process! I’m glad it finally works and I can do something besides wish I could get technical assistance from AT&T. To their credit their stuff usually works good but in this case I needed technical … Read more